3 Problems in Car Windshield and How to Overcome It

The problematic windshield greatly interferes with driving visibility. If you have this, driving at night or in rainy conditions becomes risky. If this is happening to you, you can take your car to the auto glass repair Scottsdale.

The problem that often occurs in cars is the growth of mold. Disturbances in this glass usually arise due to rainwater that is not immediately cleaned. As a result, this condition will leave spots that are difficult to remove.

It turns out that the types of disorders and diseases of the windshield are not just fungus. At least, there are three glitches on the windshield. Here are more details.

1. Mushrooms

This problem often haunts car owners. Disturbances in this one glass usually occur due to rainwater that is not immediately cleaned. The process of the emergence of the fungus itself is caused by mixing rainwater and dust which is then exposed to sunlight.

If this one is due to the oxidation process of minerals derived from water that dries on the surface of the glass. The shape resembles patches of water.

However, the fungus that sticks not too long ago can be removed. The trick, just by cleaning with clean water and wiping it with soft cloth-like microfiber.

Can apply glass fungus drugs on the market. Well, there are types of paste and liquid (liquid), you should use the paste because it is safer for all types of auto glass. But before it is applied, make sure the glass is clean.

2. Scratches

The scratches on the glass is most common on the windshield. Because wipers that are no longer maximal can make the glass scratched. This is due to the hard or hard rubber wiper being forced to move.

Use cerium oxide powder, how to apply the same as a fungus in the glass. It’s just that, for the maximum, it must use a polishing machine. The most important thing after repairing, you must replace the wipers so that they are no longer scratched.

3. Spots

This caused by two things. First, because of the use of the wrong fungus medication or car windshield that is left long exposed to UV sunlight. Now, in addition to making the car look down, the visibility of motorists will be disrupted.

Usually, there are spots or patterns resembling white ‘clouds’ in the glass. This type of interference with the glass can also be caused by a fungus drug with a high PH content. Spots on the windshield are the most difficult glass disturbances to handle. This is caused by spots already in the pores of the glass. But to fix it can use cerium oxide and assist by a polishing machine.