5 Characteristics of a Highly Effective Learning Environment

Characteristics of a Highly Effective Learning Environment | Essay Ty

Creating an effective learning environment is very important for both the teachers and the students. For the teachers, it makes it possible for them to teach effectively while it helps the students to understand better.

A quality learning atmosphere will always produce a great learning experience. According to feedback on ReviewsBird.com, creating an effective learning environment is essential in today’s digital world where online learning is becoming the new normal.

We are faced with online learning reality and if we must come to terms with this reality, then we must know what an effective learning environment entails to be able to create one. Some of the major characteristics of such environment include:

1.      It allows for students to interact and ask questions

An effective learning environment is not one where the teacher does all the learning. Instead it is one that allows for interaction between teacher and students and among students. Interacting helps the teacher know that the students are following the lessons and helps the students to learn better.

2.      It places value over questions than answers

The more questions that are being asked in any learning environment, the more knowledge will be shared. We all got here intellectually based on the questions that we asked yesterday about the things that we were passionate about or interested in. If we are going to advance from here, it will be on the quality of the questions we can ask now. A good learning atmosphere is one that places more value on questions than it does on answers. This way, the imaginative and creative self of students can be enhanced.

3.      It allows for divergent opinions

Another essential characteristic of a good learning environment is that it allows for divergent opinions. No matter how absurd the opinion of one person might sound, it should be allowed to find expression. By so doing, teachers can help students to get better and students can also learn from themselves.

4.      It uses different learning and study models

Every student in a class would not be the same based on how fast and how well they can grasp what they are being taught. An effective learning environment is one that takes these differences into considerations and provides for different learning and study models that caters for the different learning pace of every student in the class.

5.      It offers consistent and authentic assessment

An effective learning environment isn’t complete if there is no consistent and authentic means of assessment. There should be a grading system that allows students to know how they are performing in a particular subject. This grading system should be transparent and should not put pressure on the students. Instead, it should be designed in a way that it encourages the students to get better at their studies.

As the world is moving from physical learning to online learning, it is important to note these characteristics of an effective learning environment. Also, you have to know how these characteristics affect the teaching and learning ability of students. That way, you can know what learning environment you will best fit into and what to expect from it.