6 Most Profitable Fields To Learn Online

Top 10 best niches for online courses in 2019

The key positive impact in the advancement of technology in the education sector is virtual learning.

Not only can students access study materials and resources online, but also have their classes, exams, and certification given virtually.

Technology has brought forth a lot of positive effects. It is quite flexible and convenient for anyone, it is less costly and one can have more than 2 courses running simultaneously.

With a variety of courses to choose from, it might prove difficult to choose what field to pursue and which to let go of.

That has led me to compile a list of profitable fields you can choose to learn online starting today.

1.  Software development

The world is being run by technology. The computers, machines, and appliances we have in our homes have been made possible by software development.

We expect to see more of these in the future. This is why software development is one of the most highly paying jobs online.

You might choose to go the traditional way of acquiring a computer science degree then specialize in software development.

You may also choose to teach yourself how to develop software. There are many good developers out there that are self-taught.

An online degree in software development is also a good choice.

Just be sure you enroll in a reputable school because many institutions claim to offer quality education when the truth of the matter is that their curriculum is fair much worse.

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2.  Content marketing

If you are looking for a simple course or field that doesn’t require much effort, then I highly recommend content marketing.

Everything is shifting online, that is for sure. Printing out advertisement papers doesn’t work the magic anymore.

Companies are fighting for ad space online to market their products and services.

With only a few people knowing of the technical know-how on how to drive an audience and potentially have them as customers, businessmen hire turning to content marketing.

You can easily learn how to do better content marketing and be a professional in this field. It is very profitable and in-demand right now.

3.  Web development

Closely related to, but not the same as software development is web development.

Web design is the act of creating and maintaining websites. You can either be a front-end web developer, back-end web developer, or a full stack web developer (a combination of the first 2.)

For a business to successfully run, it needs to have good, easy to use, and reliable websites.

While some web design enthusiasts may argue out that companies like Wix have taken over the web design market by easing the design process, I strongly believe that the skills of a web designer are essential.

Creating viable websites is in high demand right now. Making it one of the most profitable fields to learn.

You may choose to learn the basics of web development, that is, HTML, CSS and if you want to advance on the same, you may choose to learn JavaScript programming language.

4.  Copywriting

Another profitable field you can learn online is the art of copywriting.

I call it art because not everyone can Copywrite. Copywriting isn’t just any type of writing.

It is a skill you can learn to write impressive texts, can market and even sell out another company due to its convincing nature.

It involves more research than actual writing. Professions in this field can tell you how lucrative it is and how, if you learn it right, you can earn good money.

5.  Graphic design

A short definition of graphic design is the art or profession of using design elements (such as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect.

Graphic designers use design websites to express digital illustrations. A graphic design is a combination of art and technology.

To learn this, you can choose to go to university and have it taught to you and acquire a certification, or you can enroll in whichever of the many available online courses on graphic design.

6.  Virtual assistance

Lastly, we have virtual assistance.

The name already sells the definition of this field. A virtual assistant is a person who offers administrative work to another person or business remotely from home.

With a good employer, you can get pretty decent hourly rates, so it is fair to say it also does pay good money.